Solar Panels Repairs

Having problems with your solar panels? We can diagnose faults and repair them quickly. Our solar panel repairs are suitable for all issues, from inverter problems and panel issues to electrical faults.
At Connect Electric we specialise in the repair of solar panels. We can diagnose and fix sisues often on the same day, and where we can’t, we aim to resolve issues quickly so you can continue to produce electricity. The solar panel installations we supply are designed to last for as long as you reside in the property. However, despite their longevity, solar panels are not immune to breaking down and you may require a fix at some stage.

Common Issues

Solar panel repairs can be required for a variety of reasons. It is quite rare for there to be an issue with the panels themselves, for they are relatively simple in operation. However, since they are exposed up on the roof, they are susceptible to bird and storm damage the same as roof tiles.

Over 90% of solar panel problems are caused by a dodgy inverter. The inverter is the hardest-working part of a solar setup. It converts DC to alternating 240V current, or AC, and if it fails to work properly this will cause a production loss. Inverter problems can surface over time or less commonly as the result of incorrect installation. The most common issues we see are overheating, isolation faults, and a failing to restart after a power supply (grid) issue.

Inverters can sometimes be fixed if parts are available, but it is often more economical to have older units replaced with a superior product. Inverters aren’t as long-lasting as panels, but some modern units have a 10-year warranty.

Are You After Solar Panels Repairs?

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