Solar Panels Maintenence

Solar panel maintenance is important to ensure your system continues to operate optimally. Scheduled maintenance can identify issues early and get to the bottom of any odd behaviour.

With no moving parts, solar systems are highly efficient and reliable. But they are not immune to degradation over time.

Maintenance is necessary to monitor the solar system and keep tabs on all components, as well as the effects of external influence, like birds and roof damage.

During solar panel maintenance, Connect Electric will:

  • Perform a visual inspection of the panels;
  • Perform a visual inspection of the roof;
  • Test the current and voltage of the system;
  • Check the inverter, meter, wiring and other components;
  • Check and test the battery (if you have one);
  • Analyse energy production to ensure optimal performance.

We recommend you have maintenance of your solar system performed once a year, which is the same as what is recommended for a combi boiler.

Experiencing Odd Behaviour?

If your solar system is behaving oddly, such as if there has been a dip in energy production, or you can hear a buzzing noise, now is the time for maintenance.

Inverters are the hardest working part of a solar system and these tend to degrade first. This often manifests itself as a dip in production (if the unit is faulty, but still plugging away) or a halt in production (if the unit stops completely). A buzzing sound could be caused by a faulty inverter or an issue with the power supply.

Some issues can also be caused by birds. Droppings and nesting activities (underneath the panels) can cause production problems and general annoyance. If your panels are soiled by bird droppings often, they should be cleaned often.

Are You After Solar Panels Maintenance?

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    Why Connect Electric?

    Connect Electric has operated in the solar panel industry for more than 10 years. Our experience maintaining and servicing solar systems is second-to-none. We can troubleshoot issues and often fix them inside a working day.

    If you are interested in solar panel maintenance, we can put together a package that is specific to your system. This can include inspection, testing, and cleaning which is important to ensure your panels function with full efficiency.


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