Battery Storage

With a battery, you can store all excess electricity your solar panels generate for reuse anytime. The ability to store cheap, renewable electricity will reduce your dependency on the grid even further.

Solar panel battery storage, or energy storage systems as they are often called, enable anyone with solar panels to store electricity. These batteries can store a significant amount of electricity, which can be tapped into anytime to provide a clean, renewable energy source.

By utilising energy storage, you can use more of the electricity generated by your solar panels more of the time.

Energy Storage

Battery storage doesn’t refer to the battery being stored for you; it refers to a battery storing energy for you onsite. When a battery storage system is installed, it begins efficiently storing excess energy in its bank for reuse.

If you are dependent on the grid, a battery system will reduce your dependency and cut your electricity bill. If you are off grid, a battery will reduce your use of generators which use fossil fuels like diesel, petrol and LPG.

There are a wide range of batteries available ranging in capacity from 2kWh to 13.5kWh from brands like Tesla, Samsung and Nissan. These are based on the same technology found in modern electric cars.

Whether a battery will save you money depends on the installation and how you intend to use the stored energy. We recommend energy storage, if you consume more electricity than your solar panels generate in real-time.

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